Artist, Sculptor Brian Schader



"Fountain of Light"

A 40' tall galvanized steel and glass spire will be installed in late 2018
as part of the Fountain Hills Public Art Collection

Sculptural Commissions

     *  Sculptural site consultations for in and out of state clients are available and   
         encouraged. Nothing inspires an artist more than a first hand view, from all
         angles, of a proposed sculptures location. Absorbing vantage points, light
         patterns and surroundings makes the artist's job much easier and ultimately
         provides the client with the most inspired end result. The clients vision for their
         new work is always more easily conveyed in person and on site, not to mention
         the artists feedback while enjoying the space, tends to add excitement and put
         any concerns the client may have to rest.
     *  Compositional renderings or sculptural scale models utilizing exact materials
         (bronze, steel, stone, glass, copper, aluminum etc) of the proposed sculpture are
         furnished for your approval.
Design and model fees as well as travel expenses
         are fully credited toward purchase.

     *  Completion time of your new sculpture varies with scale of project.

     *  Delivery and installation of your new sculpture is complimentary within Arizona.
         Out of
state installations are billed at cost, shipped at client’s expense or may be
up at the artist's studio.

     *  Payment arrangements will be made through the gallery closest to you and
         require half down with
the balance upon completion and installation of your new

     Municipal clients and their representatives are handled directly by the artist's
         studio from initial consultation through completion.

                                                                                - Thank you for your interest.